Standing power for your crops. Use the below plan to calculate the lodging risk for your crops and the optimum PGR programme for standing power through to harvest.

Assessing your risk factors

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Multiple risk factors influence spring PGR decision making - to use or not - and rate recommendations at T0 and/or T1 timings:

Areas prone to wet weather and high winds are more susceptible to lodging, particularly in the west and north. For more drought susceptible eastern and southern counties root development is a greater priority

Heavy high-clay content soils are more susceptible to waterlogging effects and quickly lose stability for root holding if they get wet approaching harvest. Light fluffy soils can fail to provide necessary anchorage and support, and are also more susceptible to drought. Loam soils have a lower risk factor for lodging.

Assessing the Green Area Index at GS25 can predict likely biomass of the crop. Alternatively use the expected yield. High biomass and high yield crops are more susceptible to stem and root lodging, and benefit from greater root mass for support

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Consider use of PGR at T2

*These recommendations are a guide only - Lodging risk should always be assessed in the field before PGR application. Always apply to actively growing crops.